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Recommended Lucid Dreaming Products

In order to lucid dream, you simply need the right knowledge and lots of practice BUT! There are a lot of products out there that can really help you achieve a lucid dream much easier. Over the last 7ish years I have tested countless products that claim to help you become lucid in your dreams, most of them did nothing but a handful of them actually did enhance my lucid dreaming experience and made it easier. Here is that list..

Remee Lucid Dream Sleep Mask

The remee lucid dream mask is incredibly simple yet effective. Put it on when you go to bed and little red lights will flash on your closed eyelids around the time you should be dreaming. The lights will effect your dream and help you realize that you are dreaming when you recognize the lights in your dreams.

Luna Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have had a lot of supportive research around them and I have experienced their benefits first hand. Weighted blankets simply allow me to sleep better. They help relieve anxiety & restlessness. Getting good sleep and feeling safe & comfortable is an absolute must if you want to have successful lucid dreams.

Wondersleep Dream Rite Pillow

The Dream Rite pillow goes hand and hand with the Luna weighted blanket. In order to have proper REM cycles (the sleep cycle that you dream in) you need to have very good & refreshing sleep. I have tried dozens of pillows over the years and this is by far my absolute favorite. It is the perfect firmness & shape to allow me to meditate before sleep.

Earth Therapeutics Elixir of Dreams

This is an incredible all natural dream enhancer. Made from 100% all natural ingredients, you simply need to spray this a couple times on your pillow before bed and go to sleep! Our sense of smell has powerful effected on the chemistry of our brains. By utilizing this curated blend of plants you can increase the vividness of your dreams.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In a time where electronics are such a common daily source of entertainment, it is difficult for people to avoid their devices 3 hours before bed. Blue light negatively affects your sleep, so instead of avoiding your devices, simply where blue light blocking glasses 3 hours before bed and sleep better. 

Lectrofan Noise Machine

One of my absolute favorites! I have slept with a fan my entire life, the sound simply helps me sleep better & relieves my nightly anxiety. I now use this instead of a fan (especially in the winter when its already colder in the house) but I also like bringing this when I travel so i don't need to bring a fan.

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